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the idea behind it

Each KIWI WINGS product relieves the earth a little of the ever increasing amount of waste by reprocessing offcuts and discarded sails, parasols, billboards, coffee bags, awnings, bicycle inner tubes, seat belts etc. We turn them into outstanding, robust accessories for everyday life.

With a background in nature conservation we know it is crucial for a sustainable society to use energy resources sparingly and reduce waste. We work passionately with natural motifs.

Several years of experience in yacht sail and awning making gives us the required skills to handle the different materials like heavy duty sail cloth, belt webbing or bike tube rubber.

 leftovers to be upcycled      traditional sailmaking tools

Have a look at our online shop to find out what products we make, and choose what appeals to you. Let's give things a second footprint in the world! | e-mail: | mobile: (+64) 21 044-6853