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customer feedback

"I was so impressed with all your really cool bags, you're doing great craftsmanship! Had a look at the website, which I think looks REALLY great, looking forward to seeing more when you get it up and running. Thanks so much for the bag, I absolutely love it, perfect colours and fabric and cute flower! Very impressed how you made it so straight and precise and with the nice finish of circles in the middle!"

Astrid, Christchurch (Nov 2010)

"Thank you very much for making the wallet. I like it very much!! And it is already in full use."

Steve, Christchurch (Dec 2010)

"Just to let you know that the bag arrived today and it is absolutely perfect, exactly what I wanted, thank you so much! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!"

Saskia, Auckland (Dec 2010)

"It was great to see you and your bags at the Eco Market last weekend. I really love them. In fact, I keep thinking about them (and wanting one!). At work on Monday, I told several friends about your bags. They wanted to know more, and see what they looked like. Guess I need to get one, then. :) Would it be possible for me to come by your home workshop and take another look?

Anyway, wanted to let you know that I gave your name and contact info to a co-worker who thinks my KIWI WINGS bag is awesome, and wants to see what ones you have in case there's one he wants to buy. I'm also thinking lots about the full-size carry-on bag. If I'm feeling flush with cash after Christmas, I may ask if you'd make me one with a different design. That's such a brilliant bag idea!"

Sutter, Christchurch (Nov/Dec 2010)

"Thanx for the great trade :) The bag is awesome :)"

Terry, Wellington (Apr 2011)

"Beautiful, dynamic, sturdy, practical, excellent workmanship, unusual - LOVE it!!! Have sent link to others already. Many thanks!"

Sasha, Christchurch (Jul 2011)

"My bag is doing well. I take it everywhere and can fit everything I want into it! The material is light and strong so I have no trouble. Overall I love it and lots of people comment on the pukeko and cabbage tree. Uniquely kiwi! Thanks for making my special bag!"

Conchita, Melbourne (Sep 2011)

"Hi there, this bag looks just awesome! Thanks."

Andrea, Wellington (Nov 2011)

"I second the comment above. These bags rock."

Guy, Auckland (Sep 2011)

"Wow, neat stuff! I love that you are upcycling materials to make such unique bags."

Emma, Te Awamutu (Jan 2012)

"It's good! It works well, is well made, looks wonderful. No problems at all."

Esther, Christchurch (Feb 2012) | e-mail: | mobile: (+64) 21 044-6853